Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sickness Reigns

Ohhhh man....

I hate being sick. A lot. I turn into a serious weakling!

My throat is burning, my nose is stuffy, it hurts to swallow...bleh.

Okay, enough moping.

I missed Yoga yesterday. Big surprise though, since I'm not feeling well. And the whole I hate the Yoga DVD thing. This morning, I did the Ab Ripper DVD and half of Core Synergistics - it was too hard to breathe so I had to stop. But I did like the workout. The only thing is that I really need to get myself some push up bars. My wrist makes it impossible for me to do anything like a push up in good form.

On the food front, I found a hummus that I looooooove. It's artichoke and garlic and so tasty!

I think I'll go eat some right now...

Until tomorrow...

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