Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Man I feel so pressed for time today. My list of things to do at work expanded from 3 to 9 today - and these are not "I'll get it done in the next hour" tasks. These are all 'Take a least a day - or maybe a month" tasks. Whew! At least I've got job security for a while!

Last night was Plyo and it actually went pretty well, aside from my shin muscles. And no, these are not shin splints. I had those in high school was I was in track and this is nothing like it. It feels like I pulled the muscles - so I had to be careful with all the jumping around. But, I did all right, considering!!

The Boyfriend helped with dinner last night! He made some delicious delicious delicious chicken with all sorts of yummy spices and lemon and butter. YUM. We also had Annie's mac & cheese and I steamed some asparagus. All around, not a bad meal at all!

Tonight it's Shoulders and Arms and Ab Ripper - really looking forward to it. I'm skippin kickboxing again because of my legs. I refuse to stop working out altogether, but I can definitely reduce the amount of strain I put on them!

We're having grilled turkey sandwiches (aka turkey Delights) and tomato soup (low sodium, of course) for dinner. The weather is crappy and I'm tired so it's an easy, delicious meal to make. Added bonus - I don't have to go grocery shopping on the way home! The Boyfriend took care of that for me, too!

Until tomorrow...

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