Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Plyo Once More

Last night I had Ply-ouch-metrics again. I was really not looking forward to jumping around for the next hour of my life, but I calmed myself, took a deep breath, and hit play. It's good for me. My belly is going to go away!

And I was surprised!

Since I knew what I was in for, I didn't go all-out-extreme-hard-core-super-tough-intense at first, which I think was my mistake last time. Instead, I reserved my energy, swallowed my pride, and did some modified moves in the beginning. It really helped! I think the last week of exercise helped a bit, but I know that I made the real difference in that work out. I was proud of myself! Wow!

I did do one naughty thing though...

I skipped the stretching at the end. I just right on to Ab Ripper. I know, I know, and with flexibility being my weakest point, how could I skip it? I was feeling pressed for time. It was already 7:30ish and I still had to finish Ab Ripper, shower and make dinner for a starving boyfriend who was going to be coming home soon. So, I skipped it. Sue me.

Anyways, I know now why they don't assign Ab Ripper after legs were so dead and heavy I could barely do the beginning moves! I had to modify, modify, modify...I could barely do the scissor move (which is SO easy!). So, lesson learned. I did make it through the whole disc though. Yay me :)

Dinner was okay...I had some chicken that seemed like it was on it's way out (turns out, it was...after I cooked it we tried it and had to through it out...better safe than sorry!), a box of organic mac & cheese and I steamed some asparagus. I actually really liked the asparagus steamed! I've been trying to bake it in the oven, which has not been going well for me.

Tonight I'm on my own for dinner, The Boyfriend has ground school and a night flight tonight so he won't be home until 11-11:30 pm. I'll be sleeping by then!

I'm actually craving a salad...and veggies. Maybe I'll finish off the asparagus, make a salad. What else? I've been thinking of maybe making some stuffed chicken spinach and mushroom basil mozzarella or something. MMMmmmm that sounds good. SOLD!

I'm glad we had this discussion.

Tonight it's shoulders & arms, cardio kickboxing & Ab Ripper, then grocery shopping. Late dinner again!

Until tomorrow...

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