Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hello, world.

In an attempt to actually hold myself to my new exercise regime, I'm attempting a blog. I know, how original. But hey, if it works, it works.

To begin, here's a little back story.

All throughout high school, my only contribution to the round tables of negative body image conducted by my friends was the fact that my butt was too small. I was a runner (I say that, but really, I only ran Freshman and Sophomore year), and really could eat whatever I wanted.

What I wanted, mostly, was sweets and carbs. Thus began my demise.

When college began, I was on my own for nutrition. I actually did okay for myself - I worked in the cafeteria and after seeing exactly what went into the food they were serving, I was loathe to put it into my body. I stuck to cereal for breakfast, a salad or sandwich for lunch and usually was at a friends house for dinner, so whatever poor college kid meal we could put together, which usually consisted of pizza or some kind of pasta. Let's face it - Top Ramen.

After that, it was a 4-year downhill slide into pudginess. At first, I loved the weight I was gaining. I had boobs! A butt! HIPS! My pants fit correctly, I was filling out shirts with the best of 'em, and to be frank, had my fair share of boys looking at me with new eyes! I felt sexy. I was curvy and thin and fit and LOVING it. After a while, I met my amazing boyfriend and we began the journey to fitness together. And boy did we succeed! I was in the best shape of my life and still felt sexy, because some of the fat I had gained stuck around in the appropriate areas.

Then, I got lazy. I had a good body, a great boyfriend, why work at it anymore? It would all just stay the same, right?


After a year...a year and a half...almost two years out of the gym, I finally sulked my way back to the gym in loose clothing, embarrased to be seen there with a belly and cellulite (gasp!) starting to congeal at the top of my thighs.

Previously, I was a religous stationary bike rider. I loved it, I would just sit down, turn on my iPod, crack open my book, set my legs on autopilot and poof! My hour was gone and I had burned a ton of calories.

For some reason, that didn't work for me anymore. But I did find one thing that did. My local YMCA offers a Cardio Kickboxing class with a fantastic, energetic, fun teacher. So, I dedicated myself to an hour Mondays and Wednesdays. And I left it at that. 3 months later, I find myself still enjoying class, and constantly improving my abilities, but with very little results. Imagine that!

So, here's my new goal. P90X - How that came about will be explained later - mixed with my kixkboxing. By that I mean, since yesterday was Monday, I did kickboxing. Today, I'm sticking with the P90X schedule and rocking the Plyometrics DVD. Tomorrow, I'll do kickboxing again, plus the Ab Ripper X DVD. I usually do upper body lifting before class anyways, so I will just concentrate on the areas I would be working on the DVDs. Not as intense, I know, but a comprise to keep me interested.

So, here's my starting info. Limited, I know - I plan on taking measurements but haven't been able to face the tape yet. I'm 5'4", and yesterday I weighed in at 140 1/2 lbs. My clothes don't fit. And I am REALLY looking forward to this life change.


Until tomorrow...

It's about time.

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