Thursday, May 13, 2010

Puppy Love and an Injury

So, I know I haven't spoken about him yet, but The Boyfriend and I have a puppy. This puppy is named Bear, and he is absolutely the most adorable dog anyone has ever seen in the world. And I'm not at all biased.

Bear is also my child. He is my Little Mister - quickly becoming my Little Mister Man, which I don't like nearly as much, but I guess as a parent I'll have to deal with the whole growing up thing. Why couldn't he stay so small I could pick him up and snuggle him forever? Hmm??

No but really, he's a cutie, and I'm obviously smitten by him.


He loves to play. More than anything in the whole world, except for maybe food, and if he could figure out a way to be eating while running circles around us at warp speed with something he's not supposed to have (like a sock, a piece of firewood larger than his head or a toy he has stolen from The Boyfriend's Mom's elderly dog who despises him), he would be in Bear Heaven.

Apparently, me laying on the ground doing Ab Ripper X also means play time. And by play time, I mean lay down underneath my legs while I'm doing the scissor, drop a slobbery ball on my stomach during Crunchy Frog (and then try and retrieve it which involves gumming my arms, my thighs, my stomach, and anything else that is NOT his ball), attack my hands during the leg climber, and jump over me a few times during the oblique V-ups, then lay down, exhausted, as close as he possibly can to me and turn his head to stick his slobber ball in my face.

All in all, a successful workout. For Bear.

On to the injury.

It must have happened during Plyo, because I remember being a little sore afterwards. But it all begins yesterday at the gym I was lifting away, doing great at my arms & shoulders lifting, then looked at the clock and saw it was time to stretch for Kickboxing. During stretching, the muscle that runs along the inside of my shin felt a little tight. I didn't even know there was a muscle there!

So, from the very first move in class, those muscles proceeded to hurt, twinge and get more and more tender. By the end of class, I was basically only moving my upper body. And then I limped my way through the grocery store and home.

After the limping and "playing" with Bear, I made a fabulous dinner. That chicken I thought up yesterday (because obviously I'm the only one in the world who has thought to stuff chicken with mozzarella, mushrooms, spinach and basil. Duh.) turned out super-amazing-fantastic. I brushed it with olive oil and vinegar, and diced up some garlic and sprinkled it on top. It was superb.  If I do say so myself. I made 4 breasts, so The Boyfriend and I could have an amazing lunch, too. I'm REALLY looking forward to lunch!! We had a salad, too, so there's chicken and salad for lunch. Yum. :)

Tonight it's Yoga again... :( Although that may be good since I appear to have injured a muscle that I didn't know I had. And who knows what's for dinner - I'll just have to get inspired :)

Until tomorrow...

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