Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday...almost there!

Last night was the first night I did the P90X Shoulders and arms DVD because I have been doing my own workout at the gym and then heading to kickboxing. But, since I'm trying to baby my legs as much as possible, I skipped kickboxing and headed home to give the DVD a shot.

I loved it! There are some great moves on that DVD, and I am definitely feeling it today, even though I stuck with 5 lb weigts throughout the whole the routine. I do not have great upper body strength and I wanted to make it through the entire DVD, plus....I only own 5 lb weights!! So there wasn't much of an option...

We had the yummy Turkey Delights with Tomato soup last night, and good thing too because The Boyfriend wasn't feeling very well. He's been cramming a lot lately, and you know how your body always fends off illness until after your final? Well, same thing with him. But he says he's feeling a little better this morning, so hopefully he stays that way!

Tonight, we've decided we want breakfast for dinner. Brinner!!

I'm going to make pancackes and eggs, and sausage for The Boyfriend. I don't eat Pig. Except to be polite in social settings. And no, I'm not Jewish, but it is a long story involving the movie Babe and a stuffed pig my father gave me when I was a baby...all resulting in the fact that I don't like the idea of eating pig, and never developed a taste for it so I don't enjoy eating it.

Or if I do, it is a rare, rare occasion.

Tonight it's the dreaded'm not even close to motivated to do it, but I'm going to.

Because it's good for me.

I guess.

Or so I'm told.

Not that I believe it.

Anyways...Next Monday I get to start a new weekly routine, because that means I am in week 4 and almost done with my first month of P90X. The Monday after that I will weigh myself and take measurements, because I'm guessing that's where the big results come into play.

So...wish me luck with Yoga!!

Until tomorrow...

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