Monday, May 10, 2010

Big News

So...Big News. I wish I could say 'It's a miracle, I lost 20 lbs overnight and can now eat whatever I want with no repercussions!" Alas, that is not my Big News.

I bought a car! It's my dream car...I never thought it would be something I could afford, but it turns out that with a little luck, some power behind me, and a relatively substantial down payment...I got it! YAY! I pick it up today.

Which kickboxing for me tonight. So I will do as much of the Chest & Back DVD I can without a chin up bar (in the process of ordering) and push up bars (I have a funky wrist, so pushups are ridiculously hard for me, plus my form is terrible.) or bands. I will proably add in the Kenpo DVD, since it's low impact but fun. And of course, Ab Ripper X!

Yesterday was Mother's Day, which means I overindulged on free champagne and the breakfast buffet, which included dessert! But that's okay. Constantly watching what I eat and how much really frustrates me, whichs makes me want to rebel and eat a huge bar of chocolate (Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate - Toffee. So. Good.), which then makes me feel guilty so I eat nothing but salad for a week. Kind of.

It's a viscious cycle. I guess I would classify myself as an emotional eater - I definitely eat crappier food when I'm feeling down (I like to call it "comfort food!"). And then I feel crappy for having eaten the crappy food. So I eat more crappy food. It's crappy.

I'm trying to break the cycle. Heck, if The Boyfriend and I feel lazy about dinner, I'm fine with ordering pizza. I know that one pizza wont make me expand into a Veruca Salt-sized human being. I know we eat well overall, a few indulgences just keeps us sane!!! Sanity is good.

That's all easy to say here - I can feel powerful and in control. But when life hits, sometimes it's a lot harder. But I'm trying to stay positive!

Which is tough with all this rain! Although I am a BIG fan of rain, I have my limits. I do appreciate it holding off until after Mother's Day brunch yesterday, but today it's gloomy.

So, tonight I have my car to look forward to, Ab Ripper X, a mix of DVDs and who knows? Maybe a celebratory dinner out with The Boyfriend.

Until tomorrow...

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