Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rainy Days

Well hello!

Today is one of my favorite days - I woke up to a cloud of fog rolling slowly past my window and the gentle sound of rain. It made me want to stay in bed all day with a cup of tea, bowl of oatmeal and the delicious book I am reading right now. That would make it one of my favorite days. (Side note - the only reason I was okay with this day happening in freakin' JUNE is because we finally had some sunshine the last few days. Ask me last week, and I would have said I'd like to smack the weather right in it's gloomy face. Yeah. That would make some sunshine happen!)

Guess I'll just settle for a bowl of oatmeal in front of the computer at work. Le sigh.

Tuesday's Core Synergistics was a bust again. I just can't get into that one! I even tried to do Ab ripper afterwards to no avail - I just wasn't into it. The "I don't wanna's" had me tight in their grip and weren't letting go. So, I did what anynone do. I made spaghetti. :) Yum! It was fantastic. I didn't even overcook the spelt noodles like I usually do! I kept a good eye on them and they turned out great.

Yesterday was Kenpo, which, as you know, I love. It's fun, and what I think I like most about it is the fact that it's relatively easy but really makes me sweat. I finished up with half of Ab Ripper because I realized it was 7 pm and I still hadn't started the rice for dinner! So, I hopped in and out of the shower and got rolling on dinner. It turned out great - another steak stir fry, minus the noodles, + some brown rice. This one, The Boyfriend had no complaints about! I used less balsamic and added a tablespoon of toasted sesame oil. He couldn't stop saying yum! Always an ego booster. :)

Today is the perfect workout for a lazy, gloomy, rainy day. X Stretch. Yes, I'm serious, there is a day just fro stretching that's not yoga! I'm looking forward to it since I missed it the last ret week due to being ill. And I'm thinking chicken shish kabobs tonight! Or maybe tomato soup and grilled cheese. It's a favorite of ours and always seems to call to us on rainy days. I'll let you know what we decide.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Terrible Tuesdays

Ohhh man. I have a horrible case of the "I don't wanna's." What about you?

I had a fantastic weekend with my friends. On Friday, San Fran drove up from, well San Fran! I greeted her with a bottle of champagne and champagne glasses to decorate for my friend who the bridal shower was for, The Bride.

We proceeded to make 3 beautiful glasses while finishing off the champagne, and I still made some delicious fajitas for us to munch on for dinner!

Then, early the next morning it was off to Portland for bridal Shower weekend. that night, we went to see Sex and the City 2, which was much much much better than I thought it was going to be! I am a huge SATC fan, so the first movie was just about perfect for me - I didn't need any more. I wanted more, of course, but I didn't need it. So I assumed this movie would be horribly cheesy. It wasn't! Well, some parts were, but hey, what can you do? And there were some atrocious outfits, but overall, I really enjoyed it.

the next day was a champagne brunch where I didn't get to enjoy much champagne since I was driving in a few hours, and me and San Fran were able to see some old friends we haven't seen in years. It was overall a really good time.

Then Monday morning came...

Oh, the exhaustion. The grumbling. The grumpiness (have I mentioned how patient The Boyfriend is? And how much I love him for that?).  But I made it through Monday with no outbursts at work, and made it through my bleh Yoga blurh 1 1/2 hour blech workout. I hate it! But, I have noticed a slight increase in my flexibility, so I won't throw it out the window yet. Tonight it's Core Synergistics again, and I'm okay with that one, except that's it's actually pretty hard! And spaghetti for dinner tonight...yum! One of my favorites!

Until tomorrow...

Friday, June 4, 2010

Learning About Myself

So, last night was the cherry on top to the lesson I have recently learned about myself in regards to exercising. It's probably the most valuable thing P90X has taught me so far.

Let me explain. Yesterday, I was not looking forward to Yoga. It is my least favorite DVD mostly because I am so horribly unflexible. I like to be good at things right away, and if I'm not, I'm more inclined to pretend said things don't exist.

So, I was bummed it was Yoga night, but I went ahead and started at it anyways, because I'm determined to finish out these 90 days! I'm still feeling a little under the weather, so my goal was to make it through an hour, rather than the full hour and a half.

Now, this isn't your regular, stretch and hold a pose for a few seconds. This is get into a pose and immediately move into another one at lightning, incredibly-coordinated-person speed. Which I am. I am clumsy and slow and have a hard time keeping up with Tony on my best days, which yesterday was not. So, I fumbled my way through, doing the best I could, until they started getting into the advanced moves.

At that point, I made a decision.

I had already completed a half hour of the work out. If I skipped what I thought was the next half hour of difficult poses, I could finish out my goal of 1 hour with the final half hour of the workout. Does that make sense? I hope so.

So, I started skipping through the difficult poses that I knew I couldn't hold because A) I wasn't motivated to do so B) Wasn't feeling my best C) my arms were weak from the Biceps & Back exercise the day before and D) My legs were weak from the previous half hour of Yoga!

To my surprise, about 18 minutes later, they were in the beginning of the balance pose portion! Sweet! I only skipped 18 minutes, and had enough energy and strength left to finish out the disc! Which means I beat my goal of an hour for the evening...which is always a good feeling, especially when I'm still sick!

So, my lesson is conserve - but be smart and honest about it. If I had known there were only 15 minutes after the sequence I wanted to skip, I would have tried to stick it out because I wouldn't reach my goal. Instead, I was rewarded with a longer exercise because I thought about what I was doing and decided to do what was best for me. Which turned out to be even better for me!

Plus, after Yoga, I spent the next hour and a half outside in the sprinkling rain hauling giant bags of dirt to our planter beds and dumping them in. Something like 26 bags of soil went into our 3 large beds and 1 small bed for my strawberries. :)

We went out for dinner last night, and I wound up with a turkey and avocado sandwich (which turned into a turkey and guacomole sandwich - they were out of avocado. Strange) that was DELICIOUS and sweet potato fries which were so good! The Boyfriend had our favorite meal to order there, and usual we order two of the same thing but I was trying to be good. I think I succeeded!

Tonight, my best friend comes in to town and we have lots of fun plans!! Going to our other best friend's bridal shower this weekend, but tonight, it's just me, her and a bottle of champagne. Love it. And her!

I'm going to get off work early and head home to my Legs & Back & Ab ripper, then she comes in to town...Dinner tonight is fajitas like I mentioned yesterday. Bringing back some good memories!

You won't hear from me until Monday. Yes, I'm probably going to miss my Saturday workout unless I wake up early to complete, which, let's face it, probably won't hapen.

Until Monday...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Triumphant return


I'm back! It's been a week since I've written and to be honest, not THAT much has happened.

I spent Memorial Weekend at The Boyfriend's aunt's house, where I slept a lot and we played a lot of indoor card games. It was what I needed to get better! Lots of sleep, being able to kick back and read not one but two books, and many, many, many tissues and glasses of water. I didn't work out at all for the last week hardly, but I figure if I'm going to sick and need time off from exercising, the scheduled down week was an okay time to do it!

Tuesday, I was feeling well enough to give exercise a shot. It was a Plyo day, and I did pretty well considering the fact that I basically hadn't moved for the last 3 days. I didn't make it through the whole DVD, however, because my energy was so low that by th 30 minute mark, I could barely move across the room, let alone jump across it. So, I threw in the towel.

Then I made a yummy chipotle-orange chicken with steamed broccoli and brown rice for dinner. Scrumptious! it was my first time making it and I liked it a lot! Now I have lot's of leftover chipotle peppers if I want to make it again!

Turned out that throwing in the towel was a good idea, because it allowed me to have a great Biceps and Back workout yesterday! the little bit of cardio jump started my system (or at least I like to think so) so I was ready to get some lifting in. It was my first time with the Biceps & Back workout, and I loved it! I felt really strong throughout the whole thing, and my arms were deliciously wobbly at the end.

I made what is going to be one my new favorite meals - steak teriyaki stir fry! MMMMMMmmmm it turned out deliciou - and I'd never made it before! Two new meals that were a success with both me and The Boyfriend in two days! Score!

So, I cooked the veggies and the meat separately. I cooked the meat in teriyaki sauce, vinegar and garlic. The veggies (There were a bunch - Red & Orange Bell Pepper, Snow Peas, Baby Carrots, Spinach and Mushrooms) were cooked with a little bit of garlic, garlic salt, pepper, teriyaki, soy sauce, olive oil and vinegar. I'm a vinegar fiend. In fact, the only complaint The Boyfriend has was that there was too much vinegar in the dish! Who knew there was such a thing. I found these delicious spicy sesame noodles that cook in three minutes, and I threw everything together. YUM!! We also had The Boyfriend's sister over for dinner, and she approved. Double score :)

Tonight it's Yoga, so I'm hoping I'll be able to make it all the way through since it's lower impact. I haven't decided what to have for dinner yet - I was thinking fajitas, but my best friend is coming to town the next night and those used to be our thing, so maybe I'll save them for a walk down memory lane. Maybe some good old spaghetti? I could try making some turkey meatballs. Or maybe I'll try my hand at fish...nah! Might stick with Chicken and Pasta and steamed asparagus. A good go-to meal for short notice dinners!

Until tomorrow...I promise!