Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ho Hum

So last night I felt pretty blah about everything...

Blah to Ab Ripper X (It's true. I felt blah and sore all at the same time. Very confusing.)

Blah to Chest & Back. Blah to me not being able to do all of Chest & Back thanks to my lack of gear.

Blah to my shower which was the perfect temperature of Blah.

Blah to the dinner I made, which was grilled Chicken, Steamed Veggies and Brown Rice. Healthy, yes. Tasty, actually, yes (except the rice). Exciting? No. Exhillerating? No. Something I enjoy eating every single night (Like pizza or pasta or anything with some sort of sauce or cheese. Or chocolate.)? No.

See? BLAH.

I'm hoping to get it together today. I've got Plyo tonight so I'd better! It's not something I'd like to do half-heartedly. It requires commitment! It is an hour of toture after all.

And dinner tonight better shape up too. I'll have more time to do it, and The Boyfriend will be home to keep me entertained so I don't watch my trashy girly shows like Housewives of NYC and 16 & Pregnant.

What should I make? I'm free of chicken unless I want to buy more.

Steak? No...

Fish? Gross...

Shrimp? Maybe...maybe a stir-fry?

Chicken? Always a possibility.

Turkey? Wouldn't even know what to do with it...

I do have some delicious strawberries and some vanilla yogurt for dessert, so the most important part is covered. :)

I'll figure something out.

Until tomorrow...

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