Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Whew! Until last night, the only experience I've had with Plyometrics is a set of 30 jump-back, jump-forward, wave your arms in a big circle while jumping-ies, halfway through kickboxing. Let me tell you - almost an hour of Plyo kills!

I couldn't finish all the sets, usually stopping about 3 seconds before the end of our 30 second rep. I know, I know, what's 3 seconds out of 30? A LOT. My body just literally could NOT do it anymore. I did make it through the whole DVD though! Next time, I'll be better! :)

This morning, my calves, thighs, back and even my arms are sore! All good sore, though...all good. Tonight, it's kickboxing, and before hand, I'm works my shoulders and arms, which is what the DVD would have been. When I get home, it's time for Ab Ripper X, then dinner.

Speaking of dinner, last night my lovely boyfriend and I made delicious mushroom swiss burgers. I had avocado on mine, too. Definitely NOT the healthiest dinner we've ever made, but boy were they tasty! Considering our ingredients, though, they definitely could have been worse for us! A half pound of 90% lean beef (literally! I could barely finish!), Safflower mayo, sugar free ketchup (basically just smashed up tomatoes, not my favorite, but hey, what are you gonna do?), organic mustard, organic lettuce, and a side of organic baked beans...MMMmmmm. I did make a salad to go along with, but it was just too much food! The salads were converted into lunch for today.

So, off I go to work, sore but happy.

Until tomorrow...

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