Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So I failed at being any sort of  healthy yesterday.

But that's okay because...

I got my car! It's absolutely perfect - everything I could have asked for. It's quite the story, actually. At least, I like it!

So it goes like this. On Saturday, The Boyfriend and I pull up to the dealership a little before my appointment time. I'm working with the salesman who sells cars to the company I work for (which means he had a lot more business to lose than mine if he was mean or rude or anything!). Turns out that wasn't a problem at all. His card says it all - Nicest Car Salesman in the World. Seriously, his card says that. And he truly is. I'd go back and buy a car from him in a heartbeat, and recommend him to anyone else who asked.

He let me test drive car after car after car - I drove for about 3 hours! Then sat me down and gave me a lot of information about the car I liked best, a Toyota Matrix, which is the one I came into the dealership wanting anyways! I just never thought I could afford one. On introducing us to his sales manager, he called us the "Lithia Toyota Power Couple" - turns out, The Boyfriend's Dad's company buy all their Toyota's from the same guy. I walked out of the dealership that day feeling absolutely no pressure, which was so nice.

The next day, Mother's Day, we went back to get a little more information, and I wound up signing papers to get a car! It was at another dealer, so I had to wait until yesterday to get it, but that was fine with me. I got a screamin' deal thanks to my wonderful salesman,an awesome rebate for being a recent college grad, and a great deal as far as financing goes. As in - 0% financing for 5 years. SWEET.

So yesterday, I needed to bring all sorts of paperwork in, proof of residence, proof of insurance, title to the car I was trading in, $$$ for the down payment, and, my diploma.

Now, I graduated last June. I got my nice diploma holder at graduation, went home, and moved a few months later. I packed that nice holder neatly into a little box with my cap and gown, and there they stayed until we moved AGAIN, this time putting everything into storage, including my grad box.

So, here was my plan. Get off work at 4, head to the storage unit, find the box which I clearly remembered putting in the storage unit, head home to clean out the car I was trading, and be at the dealer ship by 5.

4:00 - Leave work and arrive seconds later at the storage unit. It's so convenient!

4:27 - 1st call to salesman to tell him I'm having a little trouble finding the box with my diploma so I'll be a little late for my appointment.

4:28 - Called The Boyfriend in tears and asked him to come home from work and help me find the box - which clearly was NOT in the storage unit because by then I had torn through the space like a tornado trying to find it.

4:45 - The Boyfriend arrives and starts asking rational questions, like, "Could the little grad box be inside another box?" Answer: "ABSOLUTELY NOT. I would remember something like that." So I leave to head home and start cleaning the car while he searches the unit.

5:00 - Find the notebook in which I wrote down the contents of every numbered box.

Box 11 -  Grad Box.

5:00:37 - Called The Boyfriend and asked him to please look inside Box 11. Thank goodness he is such a nice person - he didn't rub it in my face even a little bit. Just said "Sure babe, I'll be home soon." I love him.

5:20 - The Boyfriend arrives with beautiful diploma holder in hand. He walks over to me and opens it. No diploma. WHAT?!?!?!?! Apparently I needed to ask for it to be sent to me, or something. But there is a nice little letter from the President's office with the date and year, so I think I'm good.

5:30 - We finish cleaning out the car and I hop in to head to the dealer. Of course, the battery is dead. So, we start the process of jumping it.

5:55 - 2nd call to salesman "I'm on my way..."

6:25 - I make it to the dealership for my 5:00 appointment to buy my dream car.

6:45 - The salesman walks outside to evaluate my car. I hold my breath. He comes back in "Is there a special way to start your car or am I just being dumb?" I walk outside, turn the key - nothing. The battery died. Awesome.

The story does have a happy ending though. I got my car, The Boyfriend made it to his softball game on time, played well, we ordered pizza just under the wire for when our favorite place closes, went home and watched an episode of Chuck while chowing down. Not healthy, not healthy at all, but so satisfying after such a stressful afternoon and evening. There's no way I was going to cook dinner at 10:00 at night.

But tonight is a different story. I have Ply-ouch-metrics again, and I'm going to do an Ab Ripper X Make up if I feel up to it. Then a healthy dinner, HEALTHY I say, and hopefully to bed at a reasonable hour. I've been tired lately.

Until tomorrow...

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